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Energy Brokering and Procurement

We bring insights and knowledge to our clients about the deregulated energy markets beyond what’s normally known, as they either do not have the time or knowledge to uncover overlooked or hidden fees associated with securing electricity contracts. As a result of our work, our clients have reduced or avoided millions in energy costs embedded with electric rates. Our goal is to continue to lower our clients’ electricity costs with energy management solutions. We work exclusively with our clients to align the contract and pricing objectives to meet their energy needs and help shield them from potential risks.
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Energy Efficiency

Lighting retrofits are among the best ways to reduce energy consumption and lower energy costs. There are two ways to accomplish lowering your costs with LED lighting retrofits:

LEDs consume up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs. Due to the lower consumption, there is a dramatic decrease in power costs.
The long LED lifespan offers additional savings for both money and energy in maintenance and replacement costs.

Energy Auditing

Energy audits have the potential to contain a wealth of information. Items reviewed for an energy audit are:

Power Factors / kW Demand / Load Factors

kWh Usage Patterns / Rates and any Irregular and Inconsistent Fees Charged. If issues arise, US Energy Experts, LLC can carefully review past bills and identify errors and opportunities to improve your bottom line.

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Find the Right Retail Energy Providers for Your Needs

In addition to our commercial offerings, US Energy Experts is committed to providing alternatives for residential clients who have the option to choose retail energy providers. There are two companies which we have been authorized to utilize, and they are: Think Energy and Veteran Energy.

Think Energy

Think Energy provides peace of mind with fixed-price electricity, allowing you to focus your energy where it matters most—at home. Think Energy is backed by ENGIE, one of the largest, most-respected corporations across the globe and the number one Independent Power Producer (IPP) in the world. With Think Energy, you’ll get: Competitive Pricing That Lets You Lock in a Great Rate Easy-to-Use Online Tools That Save You Time Best-in-Class Customer Service Think with confidence. Think Energy.
Veteran Energy

Veteran Energy

Veteran Energy began in 2010 with the idea that an energy company could do more than just provide low electricity rates and exceptional customer care. The company wanted to give back to our country’s biggest heroes—our veterans, military members, and their families. And that’s just what Veteran Energy works for every day.

As a part of Veteran Energy, you have a chance to help support veterans, military members, and their families. Signing up means you get to choose which of our trusted Affinity Partners we give a portion of your monthly bill to. From supporting returning troops to supplying resources to the families of the deployed, these partners have proven track records of changing lives for the better.