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Trinity Groves is a land assemblage of over 80 acres, directly at the foot of the new Margret Hunt Hill Bridge. It is entitled with over 9 million SF of floor space, consisting of office, hospitality, retail/restaurant, and mixed-use multi-family uses. Since its Inception in 2011, US Energy Experts LLC has proven to be an invaluable asset to us, as the assemblage includes over 350 meters. Freddie has been instrumental in working with Executive Leadership learn ONCOR and Retail Energy Providers in managing our energy requirements and has been able to ‘bundle’ our energy packages in efforts to continually negotiate the best most economical option for all our projects energy needs… while making managing this part of my business ‘seamless! His Company is totally hands-on and has always provided the absolute best service we could hope for in an energy Broker. Trinity Groves is a long-term vision concerning total build-out, but we have every intention of making sure US Energy Experts is by our side for the entire process.

– Jim R.

Development Partner, Mixed Use Development 

It has been our pleasure to work with US Energy Experts for almost 7 years now. They have been instrumental in researching and procuring extremely competitive energy resources for our multiple operating locations, as well as our corporate office. Freddie and his team have been proactive in communicating expected market conditions, contract renewals, and opportunities for bundling our energy requirements for the best possible pricing. We have benefited from their expertise and resourcefulness in procuring our energy solutions and we look forward to a continued relationship with US Energy Experts.

– Adam R.

Chief Executive Officer, Restaurant Industry

It has been a blessing meeting Freddie and Yvonda Coleman at US Energy Experts. It has always been difficult to call on everyone needed to get temporary meters up and going but it is as simple as a call to them now. Working in different Cities for new ground up projects it save us a lot of time getting things going. Their team is on the ball and follow up at every step of the process to completion. It is very simple and quick to establish power on new job sites and then provide my clients the same smooth service to establish permanent power at a fair market price.

– Christopher R.

Owner / Construction

Mr. and Mrs. Coleman have assisted me with my energy for my home and my business for many years. I have referred them to many people. Upon some referrals I did get a referral that was awesome! If I’ve called them their turn around has been pretty fast, at most a couple days. They have helped look over my bill, decide upon an energy company, and helped me save money over the years. So much money that the impact has been noticeable especially when I first started using them when my electric bill was insane. They taught me how to get better deals and sometimes when it was best to move on with a new company at a new rate because they would not be able to get it lower being a new client at a new energy company. They were honest and very helpful and I still use their services. Thank you so much for all the time, help, and the best customer service I’ve gotten yet. You helped many of my clients and friends save a lot of money as well and I appreciate you. Y’all do really know how to do your work.

Dede C.

My Favorite Groomer LLC.

USAF Veteran